10 Aug 2014 Asian elephants_ARochaIndia

Elephant conservation education and outreach, A Rocha India, Bannerghatta (Bangalore)

A Rocha India is a conservation organisation in Bannerghatta (Bangalore), India. A Rocha India is part of the International A Rocha organization, with a presence in 19 countries across the world.

A Rocha India has been working exclusively in the landscape of Bannerghatta National Park for the past 10 years on the ecology of the Asian Elephant and the mitigation of human-elephant conflict, which is predominant there.

We are a science-based organisation, and part of our aim is to create awareness among the general population on the concerns that affect the survival of the Asian Elephant, both captive and wild. We are using the platform of World Elephant Day to create that outreach among our members and the citizens of the city.

We plan to visit schools on the 12th of August and have an interactive session with children in creating awareness and interest towards conservation. We also aim to have people from the city of Bangalore to pledge their support for our cause.

To learn more about our organization please visit:

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day