Thank You

We would like to acknowledge all people behind the hard work and dedication that brings the annual World Elephant Day into being every year!

An extraordinary group of talented individuals comprise World Elephant Day and make its annual campaign a reality. These fabulous folks dedicate countless hours and services-in-kind to the myriad tasks that help to make the World Elephant Day campaign and website a global success that reaches millions of people every year.

Without these people, World Elephant Day would never have blossomed into the amazing annual celebration of the elephants that it has become.

Our collective commitment to this cause is based on one key thing:  none of us want to witness the demise of one of the world’s most iconic and beloved creatures in our lifetimes – or beyond.

For this reason, we remain committed to bringing the world together to help elephants.

Trunks Up to the Core World Elephant Day 2016 Team!

Patricia Sims
Michael Clark
Alisa Kerr
Anne Dillon
Ashley Dueck
Anna Krebs
Rylee Postulo
Denis Stenderchuck/StepForth Web Marketing
Rob Cooper

Kattika Poy Tanjad

Hugh Tucker

Flywheel Strategic/Scott Snowden/Michael Mandarino

A Special Thank You to William Shatner

Thank You to our World Elephant Day Co-Founder the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation

This year, a Special Thank You to our Associates Dr. Scarlett Magda, Founder and President of Veterinarians International, and Jackie Cittone Magid, Executive Director of the Bodhi Tree Foundation. Their support, advice, and participation in our campaign has been invaluable and we remain truly touched by their passion and commitment to helping the elephants and other members of our cherished animal kingdom.

A Big Thank You to Amazon Web Services Lauren Stovall, Joe Spiezio, and Dustin Sell for their website and technical support.

Thank You to the independent artists and label Sevenfields for the album Acoustic for Elephants and their original music created to save elephants one song at a time. 

William Thaine
Chris Caddell (who coined the phrase “Elevent”)
Geoffrey Callaghan
Dani Doucettte
Ty Owens
Kate Todd
Lori Nuic

This year, our newly formed non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization World Elephant Society, which manages the World Elephant Day campaign, has been generously supported by

Daniel Fitzpatrick
Lisa Steele
The Moss Foundation
Pat Riley
Gloria Trujillo
Henry Ferguson
Melinda Moulton
Philip Hansen Bailey
Gayle Boesky
Chris Bennett

In previous years, these generous people have been an integral part of the World Elephant Day campaigns

Jean Shirk
Jesse Holth
Shane Robinson
Tomo Hayashi
Tewan Chatdamrong
Kevin Potvin

But none of this would be possible without the ongoing commitment and efforts of all our wonderful ASSOCIATES who are tirelessly dedicated to making the world a better, safer place for elephants!

Thank You One and All!

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day