Thank You 2018!

We would like to acknowledge all the people behind the hard work and dedication that brings the annual World Elephant Day to the world!

An extraordinary group of talented individuals makes up the official World Elephant Day team. Together they work collectively to further unite people everywhere in a common love for the elephants. The crew works long hours, putting shoulder to the wheel to present the World Elephant Day campaign to the world. This annual day of celebration of our elephant friends comes to life largely as a result of their efforts. Each and every year, they make World Elephant Day the booming success that it has been since its inception in 2012.

A Huge Elephant Thank You to the Official 2018 World Elephant Day Team!

Patricia Sims, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Anne Dillon, Communications Director

Ashley Dueck, Social Media Marketing Manager

Anna Krebs, Campaign Manager

Wendie Wendt, Program Manager

Alisa Kerr, Graphics Designer

Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell, Social Media Coordinator

Olivia Poglianich, Social Media support

Ella Privet, Volunteer

World Elephant Society* Business and Legal Advisor Wendie Wendt

World Elephant Society Advisor Jackie Cittone Magid

World Elephant Society Advisor and Board Member Lee Bremer

For World Elephant Day Website and CloudFront Support a Big Thank You to:

Amazon Web Services Lauren Stovall and Arif Hoque

Flywheel Strategic Developers Scott Snowden, Michael Mandarino, and Marc Baron

Thank You to our World Elephant Day Co-Founder: The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation

The Lisa Steele Foundation

The Diane Warren Foundation 

This year, a Special Thank You to:

Moving Giants and Silicon Valley Story Lab, Lance Gould and Carina Kolodny

The Robert Bateman Centre

And Big Shout Out to all our wonderful ASSOCIATES who are tirelessly dedicated to making the world a better, safer place for elephants!

Finally, Thank You to all of our World Elephant Day donors for supporting our vision of a better world for elephants everywhere!

Thank You One and All!


*World Elephant Society is the umbrella 501 (c) 3 that oversees the annual World Elephant Day campaign.

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day