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World Elephant Week - Day 4 August 12

Instagram WED & EC 2021 v3

This year is the Tenth Anniversary of World Elephant Day. To celebrate this important anniversary we’re bringing some of the world’s top elephant experts into your living room to share their special knowledge and expertise about the threats that elephants face today which include habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, trafficking and...Read More »

World Elephant Day Appeal by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation

A media campaign by the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation to encourage human-elephant co-existence.

For more information please contact:  Thilanka Bandara at:    rmtnbandara@gmail.com 


...Read More »

Webinar on "Elephant-human coexistence beyond the fence"

Coinciding the World Elephant Day which falls on the 12th of August, Sri Lanka’s Elephant Specialist, Prof. Ashoka Dangolla conducting a discussion on Needs of Tame Elephants, Wild Elephant Management and Scientific and Practical Solutions to the Human-Human Conflict Facing Sri Lanka.

You can join this conversation on Thursday, August 12...Read More »

World Elephant Day - Virtual Event

Thursday, August 12 is World Elephant Day – a day to “bring the world together to help elephants.” Join The Elephant Sanctuary in celebrating World Elephant Day no matter where you are.

At 10 a.m. August 12, head over to The Sanctuary’s Facebook page...Read More »

Trunkfuls of Art for World Elephant Day!

Our Trunkfuls of Art competition was launched in celebration of World Elephant Day 2021.

We asked creatives from all over the world to create a piece of art inspire by HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development), using any method or material that they like. Entrants were required to donate...Read More »

World Elephant Day Celebration - Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society

Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society (Uttar Pradesh-India) will celebrate World Elephant Day on 12th August 2021 with Himalayan Progressive School (Uttrakhand-India).

The activities will be for Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior Wing students.
Pre-Primary students will learn and draw alphabet E for Elephant
Primary wing students will learn parts of elephant...Read More »

World Elephant Week - Day 3 August 11

Insta WED & EC 2021 v3.square

Visit The Explorers Club World Elephant Week for the LIVE link on Facebook, YouTube, and Explorers.org

7:00 pm


Sateesh Venkatesh, Conservation Biologist, Explorers Club 50 Honoree

7:15 pm

Elephant Cognition overview and studying in the wild

Sarah Jacobson, Ph.D. in Cognitive and Comparative Psychology at CUNY

Overview: Sarah will speak...Read More »

World Elephant Week – Day 2 Tuesday August 10

Visit The Explorers Club World Elephant Week for the LIVE link on Facebook, YouTube, and Explorers.org

Day 2 — Tuesday – August 10

7:00 pm


Mark Fowler, Explorers Club VP for Conservation

7:05 pm

The Challenges of Winning Hearts & Minds in Africa

Dr. Paula Kahumbu, CEO of WildlifeDirect, producer and host...Read More »

Launch of Herd of Elephant Sculptures at Grass Art Park on Aug 12

A herd of five elephants sculptures made out of artificial grass will be installed permanently in the scrap sculpture park of Govt ITI Berhampur (A TVET) center /Odisha India on 12.08.2021 by 11:00 AM (IST).

The Scrap sculpture park of ITI Berhampur, which is largest sculpture park in Asia...Read More »

World Elephant Week - Day 1 Monday August 9

Visit The Explorers Club World Elephant Week for the LIVE link on Facebook, YouTube, and Explorers.org

Day 1 — MONDAY – August 9

7:00 pm


Jim Knox, Curator of Education at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoological Society

7:15 pm

Intro to African Elephants

Grant Fowlds, Conservationist, consultant, and educator...Read More »

Twitter Storm For Lucy the lone elephant at Edmonton Valley Zoo, Canada

If you’re on Twitter please help us create a storm for Lucy the elephant who has been alone for most of her 44 years at Edmonton Valley Zoo.

The zoo has been claiming for 10+ years that she is too sick to survive the move to a sanctuary but will not...Read More »

Light Up the World for Lucy

Help us Light Up the World for Lucy in yellow! The colour yellow symbolizes hope, and also Giving Prisoners a Second Chance. Lucy has been a prisoner of Edmonton Valley Zoo for 44 years.
Actions on August 12 include wearing yellow, making your own yellow awareness ribbon or sharing a...Read More »

Free Online Workshop on Elephants and How to Sketch Them!

Join naturalist, educator, and artist Christine Elder for a live, online event in celebration of World Elephant Day where you’ll learn fun facts about elephant biology, anatomy, and conservation.
Finally, you’ll learn how to create a realistic drawing of an African Elephant with a step-by-step drawing demonstration.
Register for free...Read More »

Email Campaign to Free Lucy the Elephant from Edmonton Valley Zoo

Lucy is a 46 year old Asian elephant who has been held captive at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for the past 44 years. Her only companion, an African elephant, was sent to another zoo in 2007 and Lucy has been alone ever since in freezing northern Alberta, Canada. There are...Read More »

The Explorers Club World Elephant Week

Instagram WED & EC 2021 v3

Join us for The Explorers Club World Elephant Week, a collaboration between The Explorers Club in New York City and World Elephant Day.

Each evening from August 9th to 12th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time The Explorers Club World Elephant Week will be an exciting live-streaming weeklong event bringing some...Read More »

World Elephant Day @ Blue Dart

On the 7th & 12th of August 2021, Blue Dart will plant 1,03,170 trees for the Elephants in the periphery of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, East Singhbum, Jharkhand. Blue Dart colleagues will participate in the tree plantation activity along with the villagers.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India...Read More »

The World Is Watching - World Elephant Day Demonstration for Lucy on August 15th

Please join Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project (LEAP) as we host a demonstration to bring attention to Lucy on World Elephant Day. All groups and individuals are welcome to attend! The event will be held at the Edmonton Valley Zoo (EVZ).

44 years ago, Lucy was shipped 8,000 miles away...Read More »

World Elephant Day - Special Event

World Elephant Day ! Thursday August 12th 2021

7:15 am to 10:15 am (France time)Special Event!

SU4E will be live streaming from the elephant HOME in Nepal on Instagram AND Facebook.  On the program: elephants (of course), live painting, special auction and a bunch of fun activities...Read More »


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