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World Elephant Day - Save the Elephant

In lieu of world elephant day celebration I am sharing the below information to whatsapp group members. It will be reaching around 10,000 people’s in the world.
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Ueno Zoo and Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund Collaboration Event

World Elephant Day 2022 on Aug 12


We want to see that wild elephants can continue to live out their lives in the wild! We will having a fundraising event at the Elephant exhibit in the Ueno Zoo on August 12, 2022...Read More »

Developing human elephant co-existence

Bardia National park, Nepal is well known for the growing elephant population. There are around 200 elephants are in Nepal, of which 120 are in Bardia. They are frequently moving between katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, India and Bardia National Park, Nepal. Since 1994, 49 people lost their life on elephant attack...Read More »

2022 LEAP Public Awareness Event for World Elephant Day

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2022 AT 2 PM – 4 PM CDT
LEAP Public Awareness Event for World Elephant Day
Kinsmen Sports Centre – Edmonton Alberta Canada

Please join members of LEAP as we hold this public awareness event in honour of World Elephant Day and Lucy.
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The Kissama Foundation - World Elephant Day

The Kissama Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization responsible for the protection and conservation of biodiversity in Angola, and works with the Forest Elephant Conservation Project.

In cooperation with World Elephant Day on August 12 the Kissama Foundation will organize a debate that will serve to raise awareness...Read More »

Help Support Elephants

Elephanatics is excited to partner with SEEDBALLS Kenya for #WorldElephantDay on August 12th!

SEEDBALLS Kenya is an African based organization that has pioneered a method of mass producing seedballs for low cost and efficient reintroduction of trees and grass species into degraded areas in Africa.

Please support the outstanding work SEEDBALLS Kenya...Read More »

Discover and Sketch African and Asian Elephants

I will teach you some fun facts about elephants and then I will lead you in step-by-step drawing demonstrations to create realistic drawings of both African and Asian Elephants. These activities are in a video format and include downloadable high-resolution images of elephants so that you can continue to practice...Read More »

Trails for Trunks - 12-14 August 2022

Let’s celebrate World Elephant Day 2022 by raising funds in the Trails for Trunks 2022. Trials for Trunks is a virtual event taking place the weekend of World Elephant Day.
Walk / run / cycle / do any form of exercise.
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Brijuni National Park - World Elephant Day

I am contacting you in the name of Brijuni National Park, Safari Park. Coming close the August 12th of this year, we are organizing an event for World Elephant Week, since we have in our Zoo an Asian Elephant, celebrating this year 50 years old (for this reason celebrating it...Read More »