Thank You 2022

Each annual World Elephant Day campaign brings together a dedicated group of talented and hard-working individuals who make up the official World Elephant Day team.  It is our tradition to acknowledge the efforts of these beautiful people who bring World Elephant Day to the world.

The 2022 World Elephant Day campaign was very much a scaled-down effort, and we had a very small team behind-the-scenes due to limited resources and restructuring of our organization.  Yet, despite these limitations, World Elephant Day continued to do its job of bringing the world’s attention to the numerous issues that are impacting the future survival of elephants, other wildlife, and their habitat through its official website, educational content, social media outreach, and communications with our Friends of World Elephant Day conservation organizations.  This annual day of celebration of our elephant friends comes to life largely as a result of these efforts. 

A Huge Elephant Thank You to the Official 2022 World Elephant Day Team

Patricia Sims, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Anne Dillon, Communications Director

Graeme Wheeler, Social Media Manager

Alisa Kerr, Graphic Design

Kim Frank, Contributing Writer

Ursula Green, Christine Saunders, Halmyre Strategy Inc.

Peter Quinn, Frontline Web Consulting



Thank you  World Elephant Society, World Elephant Day’s public charity 501(c)(3) EIN #475675923

Board Members:  Patricia Sims, Gloria Trujillo, Sharron Mollenhauer, Lance Gould

This year, a Special Thank You to:

Ken Langtry, Langtry Walk 

Jodi Bager, Silk/Soie Inc.

Thank You to our World Elephant Day Co-Founder: The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation


And Big Shout Out to all our wonderful  Friends of World Elephant Day, who are tirelessly dedicated to making the world a better, safer place for elephants!

Finally, Thank You to all of our World Elephant Day donors for supporting our vision of a better, safer world for elephants everywhere.