Thank You 2017

We would like to acknowledge all people behind the hard work and dedication that brings the annual World Elephant Day to the world every year!

An extraordinary group of talented individuals make up the official World Elephant Day team and bring its annual campaign and outreach into reality. These creative and generous people dedicate countless hours volunteering, and services-in-kind to the diverse tasks that help to make the World Elephant Day campaign and website a global success that reaches millions of people every year, and brings the world together to help elephants.

A Huge Elephant Thank You to the Official 2017 World Elephant Day Team!

Patricia Sims, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Anne Dillon, Communications Director

Anna Krebs, Campaign Manager

Alisa Kerr, Graphics Designer and Post Production

Allison Hanes, Digital Media Manager and Content Strategist

Olivia Poglianich, Social Media Manager and Brand Strategist

Sam Shinn, NYC ivory crush video cinematographer

Erika Mansourian, Researcher and Guest Writer, World Elephant Day 2017 Annual Review

Laurel Neme, Guest Blog Writer “Human Elephant Conflict”

Ruth Powys, Guest Blog Writer “Saving Myanmar’s Elephants”

Rob Cooper, Google AdWords

On Air Mic Flags for their donation of our World Elephant Day mic flag

For World Elephant Day Website and CloudFront Support a Big Thank You to:

Amazon Web Services Lauren Stovall, Amol Dixit,  Arif Hoque,  Anil Sharma, Dustin Sell

Flywheel Strategic Developers Scott Snowden, Michael Mandarino, Marc Baron

Thank You to our World Elephant Day Co-Founder the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation

This year, a Special Thank You to:

World Elephant Society Advisor Jackie Cittone Magid

Wildlife Conservation Society and 96Elephants

Youth For Wildlife Conservation (Y4WC) steering committee Connel Bradwell and Cecile Tang, and other Y4WC members from around the world who shared their messages about the importance to Be Elephant Ethical.

And to all our wonderful ASSOCIATES who are tirelessly dedicated to making the world a better, safer place for elephants!

Thank You One and All!

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day