31 Jul 2012 photo of elephants

Auction of Original Painting for World Elephant Day

We’re pleased to announce that the auction for the original painting entitled     “Nong-Mai and Pompam Replaced” is launched!

Millie Young, a UK artist and animator, created her latest original work “Nong-Mai and Pompam Replaced” in celebration of World Elephant Day.  The painting is inspired by these two reintroduced elephants who are featured in the “Return to the Forest” film, which has its world premiere on August 12, 2012.

This painting, ‘Nong-Mai and Pompam Replaced” is part of Millie Young’s new exhibition ‘Displacement and Misplacement’ to be held at Mahidol University in October and Ayutthaya National Art Gallery in December.

The portrait of “Nong-Mai and Pompam Replaced” is a offering of hope. As the Thailand 2011 floodwaters receding from Millie’s Ayutthaya home,  she was eventually able to escape to North Thailand where she met up with the “Return to the Forest” filmmakers,  Patricia Sims and Michael Clark, who had themselves just emerged from the jungle where they had been working on the film.   Their work inspired her to see there was still a glimmer of hope for the future of the elephants.  It is with great pleasure that Millie is donating this painting to the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation.

We will be holding an auction on the website (see right side bar) beginning July 30th until August 17th.  The original painting will be shipped from Bangkok, Thailand to the highest bidder (shipping costs not included – see below).  Millie is generously donating proceeds from the auction to the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation.

For more information about the painting and the auction please contact us.

About the painting “Nong-Mai and Pompam Replaced”

The original painting uses an acrylic  palette of Titanium White, Paynes Grey, Charcoal dust and gold leaf.  It is 100cm x 120cm (39 inches x 47 inches).  Developing the painting in layers, Millie has explored aspects of the composition’s highlights, shadows, shapes and form using  a purposely-loose mark-making brush stroke, with areas of tight detail.

Please visit World Elephant Day’s Facebook page for more information.

About Artist Millie Young

Millie has been teaching animation for 20 years in the UK. As a artist Millie has regularly exhibited her paintings in the Brighton Festival and has regularly sold paintings for the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund.  Her passion for Thailand’s elephants and mahouts began after her first visit in 2000 and she subsequently moved to Thailand in 2007.  Millie presently lectures in Animation at Mahidol University International College and lives in Ayutthaya, Thailand where she continues to study and develop creative works about and for mahouts and elephants.

Conditions and Shipping

The painting will be shown in an exhibition at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand and will be available for shipping as of October 20, 2012. Shipping costs will be additional to the bid and to be paid by the bidder.  Shipping within Thailand is free.  Global shipping charges will vary depending on destination.  For example, shipping from Thailand to the UK could range from US$60, to Europe from US$80, or to USA/Canada US$150.  Paying local customs or taxes is the bidder’s responsibility.