22 Oct 2012 RTF Poster

Return to the Forest in Hollywood

On behalf of the World Elephant Day team and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, we wish to thank everyone who helped us spread the word for World Elephant Day and watch our documentary “Return to the Forest”.  The big day was a huge success! We connected with international elephant organizations  interested in collaborating,  news outlets wrote about World Elephant Day, and our fans promoted us through their social outlets.  And the story goes on as Return to the Forest continues to reach audiences.   The film will screen at the 9th Annual Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood where it has won Best Short Documentary in the Animal Advocacy category!

Artivist is the only film festival affiliated with the United Nations dedicated to raising awareness for Humanity, Animals and the Environment through international film.

Return to the Forest will be showing on Artivist’s opening night November 1st at the Barnsdall Theatre in Hollywood.  Tickets can be purchased through this link:   After the screening there will be a 20-30 minute Q&A for discussion between the audience and our Director, Patricia Sims.

On November 4th, the Artivist Film Festival celebrates its Awards Night with actor Judd Nelson hosting the evening. For anyone who’d like to attend this event, tickets are available here:

As the Artivist Film Festival screening will be the official USA festival premiere of Return to the Forest and we are awaiting confirmation on up-coming festivals,  the film will not  be available on this website during this time. However, if you’d like to screen the film please contact us at

We’re really thrilled with the success of the “Return to the Forest” documentary, which not only helps to get the word out  about the endangered Asian elephants in Thailand, but also demonstrates one possible solution to their biggest threat.

But our work is not done.  Please continue to help us raise awareness about the serious plight that all elephants face by sharing about these issues with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and supporting organizations that are working hard to protect and save elephants.