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The Third Annual World Elephant Day: August 12, 2014

World Elephant Day has arrived! This is a special day to celebrate and honor elephants around the world, our achievements to protect them, and our hope for their future.

Elephant conservation continues to face complex challenges. We lost two of the world’s most iconic bull elephants this year, Satao and Mountain Bull, who were slaughtered for their magnificent tusks. The demand for ivory is higher than ever, with China being the number one consumer of ivory products. It has been noted, however, that ivory consumption is an issue of education – many customers are simply unaware that elephants are killed for their tusks. Educating Chinese consumers and continuing to spread awareness about this reality is key to the ultimate salvation of elephants.

In the wake of these challenges we believe it is important is to highlight some of the successes that have been attained by numerous organizations and individuals around the world, who are working hard to save elephants in the wild and in captivity. These include significant conservation efforts, new legislation, and growing support from the concerned public. [. . .]

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