09 Jul 2015 Elephant Summit event

Elephant Conservation Summit 2015

Curb the Demand. Stop the Trafficking. Empower African Voices. End the Killing.

Join E.O. Wilson, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Cynthia Moss, Joyce Poole and U.N. CITES Secretary-General John Scanlon along with leading conservationists, scientists, and philanthropists on September 27-29, 2015. Panel discussions, networking events, screenings, keynotes, and breakaway working groups will create an unprecedented opportunity to share resources, inspire ideas and forge new collaborations to save the world’s remaining elephants, while we still can.

Presented in conjunction with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival’s internationally renowned industry conference. Bringing together 600+ international conservation and natural history media creators, commissioners, and broadcasters to explore how the industry can work to amplify efforts to end the decimation of our world’s elephants.