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Get Ready for World Elephant Day 2015

Calling All Elephant Advocates and World Elephant Day Associates!

Just an elephant nudge to remind you that the fourth annual World Elephant Day is coming up on August 12, 2015!

We are all too aware of the imminent threats that will, in the not-too-distant future, wipe out wild elephant populations – unless we continue to work together, collectively, to prevent this from happening.

Over the past year there has been some notable positive action that has shown glimmers of progress. We’ve seen more individuals and organizations around the world, large and small, speaking out against the brutal ivory crisis and the impacts to elephant populations, and their habitat. We’ve also seen some governments taking a stand to protect elephants and halt the illegal ivory trade. But our actions must continue if we are to attain ultimate success on behalf of the elephants.

World Elephant Day has been created to bring the world together to help elephants. It’s a day to honor elephants, to spread awareness about the critical threats they are facing, and to support positive solutions that will help ensure their survival.

We encourage individuals and organizations worldwide to embrace this day and its mission to create events, campaigns and outreach most pertinent to their elephant conservation initiatives.

We wish to thank all the Associates who have sent us their logos for the website. For those of you who would like to have your logo added to the website as an Associate, please let us know. We also have the 2015 World Elephant Day logo pack and Press Release available for download, in the Press Room.

Please don’t forget to add your World Elephant Day plans to our Events page, where people and organizations can post their World Elephant Day events and campaigns. Post your event for World Elephant Day, so we can help spread the word about the important work going on worldwide to bring global awareness to the elephants’ plight.

As in previous years, on World Elephant Day 2015, we will be posting an overview of the successes that have been made over the last year for both African and Asian elephants.

Please let us know about the successes most pertinent to your elephant work so that we can help to spread your good news on World Elephant Day too.

Thank you from the World Elephant Day Team!