12 Aug 2015 Tange_small

Help care for Elephants at TN sanctuary

I am personally raising funds for The Elephants living at the Sanctuary in Tenessee.

I am not affiliated with the sanctuary or the sponsor. These elephants are often recovering from poor care and abuse – In honor of World Elephant Day, I wanted to help the elephants with their general care and I went to Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. the manufacterers of Cosequin – a supplement that the elephants take to help with joint support – and they agreed to help me help them. They will match up to ten containers of Cosequin with MSM (the type the elephants use) for every container we raise the money to purchase. The price is just shy of $150 each so my fundraising goal is $1500. The elephants will get 20 containers if we meet the goal.

You can learn more and help here: