19 Jul 2016 123

A Path for Appu by G. Anjali Durepo

A wonderful new children’s book about elephants has recently come to our attention and we wanted to share news of it with you!  A Path for Appu is a lovely tale of a young orphaned elephant who is all alone in the world before being discovered by an female adult giraffe who takes him in as her own. Becoming part of the giraffe family, he one day meets an elephant matriarch who teaches him what his role in life is to be. The book imparts to the reader that we all have an important role to play in making our planet a better place for animals and humans alike. We each have a voice to share in bringing awareness to the unkind deeds happening in the world.

The author of A Path for Appu, G. Anjali Durepo, was born in Africa amidst teeming wildlife. Her passion is impacting children and encouraging them to develop their own faith. This is her first published book, tackling two issues close to her heart—adoption and animal protection.

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