12 Jul 2016 elephantdawn

Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott

After living among elephants in Zimbabwe for 13 years, Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott highlights the myriad problems that face both elephants and those who dedicate their lives to help protect them. It’s a story about becoming one with them; how these amazing wild, free-roaming giants accept – and indeed welcome – a human being who they trust as one of their family. By way of daily life accounts, it warmly emphasises their intelligence, their intimate bonds and how deeply they grieve. But it isn’t a romantic tale. There are also first-hand accounts of poachers, unethical sport-hunters, land invaders, as well as employees, politicians, police and parks officials in a corrupt system. It’s a rollercoaster ride of hope and heartbreak, in the still beautiful – but deeply troubled – country of Zimbabwe. The awareness that fills its pages is so very important for elephants, particularly now as Zimbabwe seeks approval from CITES to trade in ivory.
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From Cynthia Moss: “… It is a gift to us that we can now read this moving account of [Sharon’s] thirteen years in Zimbabwe fighting to save a population of elephants she came to know intimately.”

“World Elephant Day is all about accentuating the plight, and sharing the love, of elephants everywhere. Our world’s largest land mammal is in trouble. It’s crucial that more and more people around the globe take time to notice this, and to care. My deep gratitude and respect goes out to all of you, everywhere, who play such an important role in heightening essential awareness.”

Sharon Pincott, Conservationist and author of Elephant Dawn