25 Jul 2016 Lucy-February-2016-3

World Elephant Day Demonstration for Lucy

Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project will be holding an LED Light Brigade to commemorate WED and also bring attention to Lucy our lone Asian elephant. We think World Elephant Day is the perfect time to hold such an event! Last year we held a demonstration on World Elephant Day but this year it will be a Light Brigade. Members of Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project will be holding a brilliant LED light brigade over a busy Edmonton Freeway overpass at dusk. We will also be unveiling our new LED illuminated elephant! We will have illuminated signs for each direction of traffic that say #SAVE LUCY, that will be held by our members. Our group has become creative with our brigades and we use a number of synchronized actions to draw attention to us up there. We will also drop a World Elephant Day banner as well!

Join us on August 12th from 9-11 pm MT as we light up the freeway in honor of Lucy on World Elephant Day. WE will live stream our event that evening through our event page and Facebook page at the link here