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Conservation through Education

The Mpala Research Centre and Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to living with wildlife sustainably. We are located in Laikipia, Kenya, and have approximately 1,500 elephants on the conservancy at any given time. Mpala Live! is the education outreach arm of the conservancy. Our website is We offer numerous lesson plans, videos, and interactive materials about elephants as well as the other creatures with which we live.

We have live cams focused on a bend of the Ewaso N’Giro river. There live a resident pod of hippos visited daily by elephants and many other creatures as a favored watering hole. The cams are sustained by our partner Watch them live at:

Our material are free and open to anyone with the hope that they will inspire folks to protect elephants and other wildlife.

Educators can find all kinds of lesson plans and activities for all ages at:

Elephant Crossroads is a short film about the wonderful wild elephants and the work we do to protect them on Mpala:

The Matriach is a short film about Jada, a female elephant saved from poachers:

You can enjoy a series of video highlights of Mpala’s elephants at:

Learn all about these amazing creatures in our Interactive Field Guide at:

Explore the world of the African Elephant at