17 Jul 2017 96 elephants res

Choose to celebrate World Elephant Day – August 12

You Can Crush Ivory at the Ivory Crush

AZA and WCS are partnering in another Historic Ivory Crush event in Central Park in NYC on August 3rd

Every year, 96 Elephants makes noise for elephants and our voices are heard around the world. Together, we made “elphies” popular and together we broke a Guinness World Record!

This year, starting on August 3rd with the ivory crush and for the next 10 days leading up to World Elephant Day, we have a list of things people can do to make an impact.

You can use this link (starting July 16) on your social channels and people can sign up to receive reminders of what they can do every single day for 10 days starting with the Crush and leading up to World Elephant Day, August 12.

A sample message is:
You can protect elephants and their homes. Take 10 actions in the 10 days leading up to World Elephant Day, August 12  #10DaysForElephants

We hope that we can count on you again to trumpet loudly and let people know that our work must continue.