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Information Tabling for Lucy on World Elephant Day

Join Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project as we kick off our #PutLucyOnAgenda information tabling campaign in Old Strathcona.

What better time to initiate our new postcard campaign than on World Elephant Day! Our online advertising campaign will be starting on August 14th.

We will be distributing our new postcards for citizens to send to city hall requesting that Lucy be added to an upcoming city council agenda. Lucy has entertained the public at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for 40 years. We believe she has retirement options.
That’s why we are asking for an open discussion at an upcoming City Council meeting. After over a decade of controversy, there has never once been an “open to public” hearing at City Hall. Edmonton advocates for Lucy are asking City Council to put her on the agenda.

In addition to distributing the postcards, we will also be educating Edmontonians about Lucy and her plight. We have leaflets available to distribute as well. We will have bracelets and t-shirts available for purchase.

If you are able to volunteer for a few hours please let us know. We could use 2-4 additional volunteers. We will also be holding our LED light brigade in the evening and need people to help with holding of signs as well.

When:  Saturday, August 12 at 10:00 AM2:00 PM UTC-06

Where: Wilbert Mcintyre Park, 104 Street and 83 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta