03 Aug 2018 makeYourmark2018

Elephant Talk by Elephant paper’s Ms. Nakamura and with Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund Booth at Ueno Zoological Park in Tokyo

Ueno Zoo goers will participate in a talk presented by Ms. Nakamura who promotes Elephant Conservation by promoting her original Elephant Paper and products! ‘You can’t have Elephant paper without live elephants’ she says! Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund (JTEF) will also have a booth with Information and fundraising T-shirts for sale to support the conservation work they are doing on the ground with partners in India. In Japan 80% of Ivory is used as material to make name stamps ‘Hanko’ so please don’t buy Ivory Hanko and make a pledge with the Elephants. Sign our petition.

世界ゾウの日 夕方出店 (上野動物園内) World Elephant Day @Ueno Zoo PM 藤棚のトークイベントでゾウのUNKO elephant paper とJTEF出店。ハンコをお持ちの方は署名集めています。

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day