10 Aug 2018 World Elephant Day Pic

Elephant Valley Project – World Elephant Day Fundraising Challenge – Ride A Bike Not An Elephant!

Help the Elephant Valley Project raise money for veterinary training and raise awareness for the plight of captive elephants! #RideBikesNotElephants

This year for World Elephant Day, we will be hosting a charity Bike-A-Thon to send our elephant vet team to veterinary and target training workshops in SE Asia. This will help our elephant vets to provide better care not only for EVP eles, but elephants across Cambodia.

In addition to raising money, we hope to raise awareness for better treatment of captive elephants across Asia and specifically Cambodia where there are only 70 left.

For 24 hours, from 12pm August 11th to 12pm August 12th

The Hefalump Cafe in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

EVP staff, volunteers, visitors, locals, everybody is welcome!

We will attempt to pedal 520 KM on a stationary exercise bike – the approximate distance from the Elephant Valley Project to Siem Reap – where elephants are still being used for tourism.

We will also be hosting local musicians, games, face painting, and screening the documentary “Last of the Elephant Men’ which follows the story of the local people and their elephants.

Spread the word, sponsor us, or come and have a go on the bike!

You can choose to make a donation or pledge an amount for every kilometer that we ride,
or if you’re in the area, donate your time and put in a few kilometers yourself! Every little bit helps!

Together, we can provide better lives for all elephants in captivity.

Learn more about our work at

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day