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World Elephant Observance at Nagaon, Assam (India)

Tea garden workers are at the frontlines of man-animal conflict and live with regular intrusion of elephants. Green Guard Nature Organization organized a series of awareness talks on human-elephant coexistence at Salonah, Nonoi and Rongamati areas yesterday.

    Executive member Dulu Bora, who is also the Project Lead for the Elephant Family supported project entitiled ‘Human Elephant Conflict Management in the Karbi Foohills of Assam,’ and Meghana Mayur Hazarika interacted with children, women and community leaders and discussed about the daily challenges they face from elephant intrusion. The team also offered suggestions on soft mitigation measures and the need for removal of invasive species for improvement of degraded elephant habitat of the Karbi foothills along the Nagaon-Karbi Anglong border.
World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day