04 Aug 2019 AHOO-Poster

Premiere of A HERD OF ORPHANS film

The orphan herd is coming to Vimeo On Demand! The award winning feature documentary film, A HERD OF ORPHANS, will premiere on World Elephant Day 2019 (Monday, August 12). Link:

The film features the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia, a project of Game Rangers International.

When poachers kill adult elephants for their ivory, the calves that are left behind are orphaned, homeless, and unable to survive without the care of a herd. Their survival is dependent on the extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to protecting and raising them at an elephant orphanage tucked deep within the heart of Zambia. This endearing film is an inside look into their lives and the struggles they face as they grow up as A HERD OF ORPHANS.

*This film is appropriate for ALL audiences.

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day