02 Aug 2020 LEAP_auction


LEAP Presents: Art for Awareness to Honor World Elephant Day 2020

In honour of World Elephant Day 2020 let’s get creative and spread art AND info about elephants of the world. We are hosting an online art auction and in conjunction with our art auction we would also welcome you, your children, etc. to please create a piece of elephant artwork, be it a drawing, painting, or otherwise! Photograph it and send us the photo so we can add it to our WED video montage.

Please share your artwork with family and friends and use it as an opportunity to spread some truthful elephant facts to help raise awareness about the importance of humane treatment and non-captive environments for elephants are vital to their survival.

What it is:  This is a virtual event, including an art auction, to raise awareness about elephants in captivity and how their numbers are in drastic decline in the wild. A portion of the funds raised from the auction will be donated to Gentle Giants Stay Home project.

When it is:  The auction event will take place on Saturday August 8 from 12pm MST-7pm MST.

Where it is:  This is an online event, happening right here, on the LEAP FB Event page.

How it works:  We will be posting individual art posts on the event page. People will bid on those posts in the comments section. The highest bidder at the cut off time wins, and will be invoiced by LEAP. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Who can participate: Everyone 🙂

Rules for general submissions: Please note, general submissions will be solely for the video montage and will not be auctioned off. They must be elephant-related. Please only send photos of your own work, not images from the internet or elsewhere. Please submit 1 high quality, clear, photo of your artwork by Aug 5 and include a title for your piece, artist name, and a short sentence (10 words or less) about your piece and what it represents.

What can you do if you don’t want to submit artwork? Head over to our event page and click “attending” and SHARE the event! Spread the word to artists so they can share their elephant creativity! And of course, bid on the auction artwork posted on the day of the event!

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day