10 Aug 2020 GLP-sm

GLP Films Video Premiere of “Ethical Elephant Experiences in Thailand”

Join GLP Films and Tourism Authority of Thailand for the World Premiere of the trailer for “Ethical Elephant Experiences in Thailand.”

Elephants have been an intrinsic part of the history and culture of Thailand for thousands of years.

In Thailand, a network of dedicated industry members, from camp owners and mahouts (elephant caretakers), to animal welfare and veterinary specialists, to communities and villages dedicated to and reliant on elephants for their economy, are working to provide better, healthier, and more sustainable spaces where elephants can thrive.

The choices we make as travelers directly impact elephant welfare. Select elephant venues to visit who put the welfare of the animals at the center of everything they do. To connect with an elephant in Thailand can be a transformative experience. Let it be a positive one for the elephants too.

Join us for the unveiling of this new video trailer to learn more about ethical elephant tourism and the future of elephants. The full short film will be released in September, 2020.

Visit or on World Elephant Day, August 12th, to catch the trailer!


World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day