04 Aug 2020 Lucy 3

Let’s Put Lucy on the Agenda!

Lucy’s sad story is known by many elephant lovers.  At 45 years of age she has lived her life alone for over 25 years in the Edmonton Zoo.

“We know that zoo elephants die very prematurely, because no zoo can provide enough space and enough exercise for them to maintain their health,” says Mary-Ann Holm, president of Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates Project (LEAP).

World Elephant Day supports LEAP’s efforts to inform the public about Lucy’s living conditions to encourage the Edmonton Zoo as well as Government officials to take all the possible steps to move her into an elephant sanctuary where she can be reintegrated into living a healthy life with other elephants.

Visit LEAP for more information and learn what You can do, to Put Lucy on the Agenda!


Photo credit: Sam Whincup & Mary-Ann Holm

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day