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World Elephant Day – Online Film Festival

9 Award-winning films  6 Filmmakers

In the time of COVID-19 Pandemic, celebrate WorldElephantDay 2020, online with us on 12 August, 2020. Watch free and online some of the most thought-provoking documentaries on Elephants by some of the most acclaimed wildlife and environmental filmmakers of our tims.

The Online Film Festival will start at 12 PM (IST) Wednesday, August 12 and will come to an end on August 13, 12 PM (IST).

You can watch here!

12 PM: Opening Film
Bastion of the Giants: English 2015 01:20:51 by Sumesh Lekhi

2 PM:
Manas- Return of the Giants: English 2016 00:54:38 by Praveen Singh

3: 30 PM:
On the Right Track: English 2008 00:16:38 by Rita Banerji

4 PM:
Elephant – God or Destroyer: English 2005 23min by Krishnendu Bose

4:30 PM:
Where the Elephant Sleeps: Hindi, English, German 2016 99:30 min by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky

6 PM:
Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: Elephant 911: English 2018 23:40 min by Krishnendu Bose

7 PM:
Elephant Kitchen: English 2018 21:20 min by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky

7: 30 PM:
Elephants and Us_Assam: English 2018 18:51 min by Green Hub Fellow Ankur Das

8 PM:
Days with the Wild Herd: English 2018 06:37 min by Green Hub Fellows


World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day