07 Aug 2021 WED Email Campaign

Email Campaign to Free Lucy the Elephant from Edmonton Valley Zoo

Lucy is a 46 year old Asian elephant who has been held captive at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for the past 44 years. Her only companion, an African elephant, was sent to another zoo in 2007 and Lucy has been alone ever since in freezing northern Alberta, Canada. There are standing offers to cover the cost to provide expert unbiased opinions on her health, and to relocate her to a sanctuary. The zoo claims she will die if moved with no evidence to prove it.

Please join the Facebook group Save Lucy the Elephant’s email campaign to have Lucy evaluated by a team of independent species experts to determine if she is healthy enough to be moved to a sanctuary. Click the link to copy and paste a pre-written email to Gary Dewar, the director of the Edmonton Valley Zoo, and city officials who own the zoo.

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day