03 Aug 2021 lucy

The World Is Watching – World Elephant Day Demonstration for Lucy on August 15th

Please join Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates’ Project (LEAP) as we host a demonstration to bring attention to Lucy on World Elephant Day. All groups and individuals are welcome to attend! The event will be held at the Edmonton Valley Zoo (EVZ).

44 years ago, Lucy was shipped 8,000 miles away from her tropical homeland of Sri Lanka at just 2 years of age. Ripped from her family when she should have still been nursing, to spend the next 4 decades as a zoo exhibit. Never to have the companionship of another Asian elephant, never to know the warm tropical climate she was designed to live in and never again to experience freedom.

An article in Maclean’s once described the Edmonton Valley Zoo (EVZ) as a mental and physical slum and for many years it has been on the list of an international animal rights organization’s worst zoos for elephants on the continent. Legal efforts by animal rights groups to force the courts to even review the conditions of her confinement have failed. If the City of Edmonton and zoo management care deeply for her well being, as is so often claimed, you wouldn’t know it by her circumstances.

Lucy is suffering from arthritis, foot disease, obesity, a sleep disorder, zoochosis, colic, painful dental issues and an undiagnosed breathing problem. All of these ailments can be attributed to her lonely unnatural captivity, poor diet, spending much of her time on concrete and in the cold. Lucy is managed with circus style bullhooks and lives in a small concrete enclosure where she spends the majority of her time due to Edmonton’s harsh climate. Lucy has no access to a place to swim for much needed hydrotherapy, despite promises made 2 years ago to build Lucy a beautiful retirement home.

The world’s leading elephant experts have spoken out for Lucy in affidavits stating that captivity at the Valley Zoo is causing Lucy undue hardship, suffering and privation, and recommending her transfer to a sanctuary.
Recently superstar Cher has joined our efforts to help Lucy. Her organization Free the Wild has generously offered to bring in international elephant experts to examine Lucy. Cher has sent letters to the Mayor and Zoo Director Gary Dewar imploring EVZ to allow FTW expert vets in.
We understand the zoo is considering this offer as well as our suggestion to bring in Dr. Lydia Young from Tennessee for the next round of examinations. We remain hopeful that the zoo will proceed with these assessments in the coming months. There has been increasing pressure on the City and zoo as more people learn about Lucy’s situation. Her plight has gained massive worldwide attention.

Please join us on August 15th and be Lucy’s voice as we call upon the City of Edmonton and EVZ to accept FTW’s offer and our suggestion to allow Dr. Lydia Young in to examine Lucy to determine what would be in Lucy’s best interests as she lives our her remaining years.

Placards will be provided, please feel free to bring your own if you choose. We urge everyone to wear Purple. We have LEAP campaign shirts available in many sizes if you would ike to purchase one.

We will be sending out a media release, so hopefully this rally will get some media coverage. We will be filming a promotional video as well so we need bodies there, let’s hope we can get a great turnout for Lucy!

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World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day