05 Aug 2021 BD_World Elephant Day_EDM 1

World Elephant Day @ Blue Dart

On the 7th & 12th of August 2021, Blue Dart will plant 1,03,170 trees for the Elephants in the periphery of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, East Singhbum, Jharkhand. Blue Dart colleagues will participate in the tree plantation activity along with the villagers.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India and is known as the paradise for elephants owing to the highest number of Indian elephants residing here.
Tree plantations aid the elephants to experience a green and natural environment. Once matured, the trees will help reduce human-elephant conflict, keeping elephants from entering and feeding on cropland, and approaching residential areas around forests in search of food.

Apart from this the local communities can benefit from indirect employment from fruit, flowers, fuel and fodder, once the trees mature. The trees will also help improve water catchment, reduce soil erosion and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Till now, Blue Dart has already planted over 4,51,000 trees across the geography of India for various initiatives like Trees for Tigers, rural & tribal communities, ecotourism, etc. Every 111,000 trees planted offset 22,20,000 kg carbon per year, on maturity.