29 Jul 2022 C604D0A4-F2A8-4E28-AFD4-00C4ECF78B0F

Brijuni National Park – World Elephant Day

I am contacting you in the name of Brijuni National Park, Safari Park. Coming close the August 12th of this year, we are organizing an event for World Elephant Week, since we have in our Zoo an Asian Elephant, celebrating this year 50 years old (for this reason celebrating it for 6 days). We are working in the program for the whole event, being held from 08.08 to 13.08. The location is gonna be in the National Park, focusing in conservation education for locals, guests, and workers of the national park. One of the goals is to gather donations for organizations working in conservation in the field, specifically in Asia and with Asian elephants. Focusing on the education, it will be mentioned: species of elephants, humam-elephant conflicts, habitat range, threats, fun facts, elephant diet. And also teaching our guests about Asian Elephants in first hand, with the presence of our Lanka and how is her daily care here with us.