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2022 LEAP Public Awareness Event for World Elephant Day

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2022 AT 2 PM – 4 PM CDT
LEAP Public Awareness Event for World Elephant Day
Kinsmen Sports Centre – Edmonton Alberta Canada

Please join members of LEAP as we hold this public awareness event in honour of World Elephant Day and Lucy.
We are seeking some volunteers to help so please let us know if you are able.
We will be engaging passersby in a discussion about the plight of elephants globally and of course also bringing attention to Lucy’s plight.
We will be handing out leaflets and a general information flyer about elephants. We also have a new postcard created for city council that we will be getting people to complete.
Visitors can purchase a LEAP t-shirt or bracelet and ask questions regarding the issues surrounding Lucy’s captivity in Edmonton or learn more about the declining numbers in the wild of these magnificent beings. We hope to educate people and recruit more elephant advocates to be a voice for these gentle giants.
Location may be subject to change. More specific details on set-up area to follow.
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