Developing human elephant co-existence

Bardia National park, Nepal is well known for the growing elephant population. There are around 200 elephants are in Nepal, of which 120 are in Bardia. They are frequently moving between katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, India and Bardia National Park, Nepal. Since 1994, 49 people lost their life on elephant attack and 130 become injured. Similarly, 1000s of farmer lost their crops and 100s lost their houses from the wild elephant. After 2019, 9 people are killed by Elephant and two elephants are killed in retaliation in the name of protecting crops. We are going to organize behavior change campaign while celebrating world elephant day. Our 10 change agents (local youth volunteer) will organize total 10 behavior change sessions with the participations of 300 local communities who are living adjoin the elephant habitat.