13 Aug 2023 Photo Courtesy of Mara Elephant Project

Photo courtesy of Mara Elephant Project

Be A Guardian of Giants on World Elephant Day 2023

World Elephant Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a symbol of hope, unity, and the extraordinary power of collective action. As the planet’s largest land mammals, elephants are not just architects of nature but also crucial to maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

This year, as we celebrate World Elephant Day, we celebrate more than a date; we celebrate a commitment. This commitment unites NGOs, governments, wildlife enthusiasts, and the public in a shared mission to safeguard these incredible creatures and their habitats. Together, we envision a world where elephants thrive and where the beauty of our planet flourishes for generations to come.

Despite our global reach and positive impact, we, as the founders of the official World Elephant Day, are a grassroots organization that relies on the generosity of volunteers and public donations to operate. Our reality today is that for us to continue to manage and expand World Elephant Day, we need your support.

Your contribution to World Elephant Day goes beyond mere funding. It’s an investment in a global movement that’s making a tangible difference for elephants and the ecosystems they inhabit. While World Elephant Day doesn’t directly implement on-the-ground projects, it stands as a resounding voice for these gentle giants. Our initiatives focus on education, advocacy, and partnerships with organizations actively protecting elephants.

Here’s why your donation matters:

Awareness and Advocacy:

World Elephant Day raises awareness about challenges elephants face, from poaching to habitat loss.

It advocates for policy changes, international collaboration, and public engagement in conservation efforts.


Through campaigns and resources, we educate communities about the importance of elephant conservation,

fostering understanding and empathy for a future of coexistence.


We collaborate with conservation organizations and governments to amplify the impact of elephant conservation efforts globally.

Your support doesn’t just stop with us; it echoes through a network of organizations committed to elephant welfare.


In providing vital services to the global community, we spotlight our five-pillar framework,

addressing the main threats that elephants confront today:

1. Climate Change

– In regions like Kenya, climate change poses a more substantial threat to elephants than poaching.

– Escalating temperatures and heightened droughts imperil elephants by affecting their water and food sources.

– Water scarcity drives elephants into human habitats, sparking conflicts.

– Disrupted migration patterns complicate elephants’ quest for sustenance and survival.

2. Habitat Loss

– African elephants confront mounting habitat loss due to factors such as agriculture, population growth, and infrastructure expansion.

– This mounting loss jeopardizes their ability to flourish in their natural environments.

– Asian elephants have already lost 90% of their habitat due to agriculture and human encroachment.

3. Human-Elephant Conflict

   – In both Africa and India, human-elephant conflict emerges from shared causes.

   – Agriculture replaces elephant habitats.

   – Elephants venture farther in search of food and water, bringing them into contact with humans.

   – Farmers’ favored crops attract elephants, intensifying conflicts.

   – Growing populations lead to fragmented habitats.

   – Roads and railways pose fresh dangers to elephant populations.

4. Poaching and Ivory

   – Although current poaching data is limited, the threat remains pronounced.

   – Elephant poaching rates have decreased since 2011-2013 but still fluctuate across Africa.

   – Research underscores that strong governance and higher human development reduce poaching rates.

   – The pandemic has led to a drop in ivory value.

   – Notably, Canada is bolstering domestic measures against elephant ivory and rhino horn importation:

5. Unethical Tourism

– Over 256 travel companies across the USA, UK, Canada, and beyond commit to discontinuing support for elephant rides and shows.

– The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums encourages UK citizens to back legislative action against low-welfare animal activities.

Your choice between donating directly to on-the-ground organizations and/or supporting the World Elephant Day organization is powerful either way. Direct donations bring immediate change, while supporting us at World Elephant Day fuels advocacy, education, and collaborative efforts that amplify multiple organizations’ impacts.

Join us as a guardian of giants, a beacon of hope, and a steward of our planet’s natural wonders. With your donation to World Elephant Day, you contribute to a collective story of change, safeguarding the future of these incredible creatures. Your generosity creates ripples that resonate beyond borders and boundaries.

Join us in bringing the world together to help elephants.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Patricia Sims

Founder, World Elephant Day  &  President, World Elephant Society


Anne Dillon and Patricia Sims

The photo above brings back wonderful memories.  That’s Anne Dillon on the left and me on the right.  We’re at the Veterinarians International Launch Party in New York City, September 2015.  Anne passed away on March 2023 due to complications caused by Lyme’s Disease.  We at World Elephant Day are deeply mourning our loss of Anne.   Anne was an integral part of World Elephant Day since 2013.  Since that time she worked closely with me and our team as Communications Director, and co-founder of our charity World Elephant Society.   Anne had a deep love for elephants and worked tirelessly each campaign year to bring awareness to the pertinent issues elephants are facing.  She was well-loved and respected by so many people and organizations in the elephant conservation world for her astute mind, research tenacity, and intrepid dedication to make the world a better place for elephants, and all wildlife.  Anne participated in the Ivory Free Vermont campaign, making Vermont the 12th US state to ban ivory sales, which came into effect Jan 1, 2022.   Anne co-administered the Save the Elephants Elephant News Service, the go-to trusted reference news source on elephant conservation and science. She was also a film publicist, book editor, and insightful writer.  We all miss Anne so much.  Not having Anne around for our campaign this year has left a big gap in my heart.  I miss her wit, her laughter, and most of all, her warm friendship.

In honour of her great service and devotion to elephants we dedicate World Elephant Day 2023 to Anne Dillon.

Please refer to Anne’s obituary here: