07 Aug 2014 KWS event photo

World Elephant Day, Kenya

The goal of this World Elephant Day in Kenya is to minimize poaching of elephants by reducing the number of resident communities as well as boda boda, tuk tuk, truck and taxi drivers accepting to poach elephants, transport poached ivory or provides information on the location of elephant herds to dealers or poachers from outside their localities. This will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

(i) Hold a boda boda processing from Red Brick Hotel to Voi stadium
(ii) Provide stickers to boda boda, tuk tuk, truck and taxi drivers with a message discouraging any engagement regarding poaching
(iii) Educate the target group on the penalties related to poaching according to Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2013
(iv) Discourage purchase of ivory products at the local and international markets

Five approaches will be used including:

(i) A processing with motor bikes (boda boda) from red elephant hotel next to Tsavo East main gate. The processing will use banners with specific message discouraging participation of different players in poaching of elephants. This procession will be led by the KWS band. In addition,the procession will have a hand held speakers with specific people speaking and discouraging different target groups from participating in elephant poaching, penalties associated with such illegal poaching or illegal possession of ivory. This will be covered by different media houses as invited. The motor bike driver will be provided with reflective jackets with a message designated for the event.
(ii) We will use posters, car stickers and truck stickers with appropriate message to the target groups regarding the plight of elephants and dangers of being caught with ivory or ivory products.
(iii) A meeting to address the guests and all invited participants will be held at Voi stadium. This will be covered by different media houses as invited.
(iv) The electronic (radio and TV), print (newspapers) and social (facebook and twitter) media (local and international) will be used to pass the message to Kenyan and international community. We plan to have the event covered by Daily Nation Newspaper, Standard Newspaper, The People, NTV, KTN, K24, Citizen, GBS, QTV, CNN, BBC, Aljazera TV, CCTV, China Radio, Musyi FM, Mangelete FM, Milele FM among others.
(v) One Senior KWS staff should appear in Television channel for a live interview possibly during the evening news bulletin.

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day